COD Mobile: Until Legendary Mace arrives in Season 3, a fan reports problems with Dark Nikto’s uniform.

Nikto – Dark Side, COD Mobile’s first-ever Legendary Operator, was added in November 2020. Now, rumors and leaks about another Legendary Blueprint character this season are circulating. Mace – Metal Phantom will be the second Legendary Operator added to COD Mobile Season 3: Tokyo Escape, according to sources. While playing in-game, a Reddit user known … Read more

Black Ops Cold War Season 3: Operators, Leaked weapons, and more

Season 2 of Black Ops Cold War is coming to a close, and Season 3 is just around the corner. Despite the fact that the new season of Black Ops Cold War isn’t due out until next week, there has already been a slew of leaks revealing what to expect in Season 3. Players should … Read more

This 58-year-old grandmother might be better at ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ than you

Michelle Statham spends her time doting on her two grandchildren and building her video game streaming reputation as the “Tactical Gramma.” The 58-year-old has amassed a large following on Tik Tok, where she posts highlights of her adventures in the first-person shooter “Call of Duty: Warzone,” a free-to-play, battle-royale-style video game for PCs and gaming … Read more

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