PUBG Battlegrounds India: Prediction is that is going launch on 10 June 2021.

A Level 3 Helmet eclipsing a beam of light was just shared on Battlegrounds Mobile India’s official YouTube Channel in a community update. It may seem hopeless at this point, but internet nerds quickly devised a theory. They believe the game will be released on June 10th, the day of the next Solar Eclipse.

To others, this hypothesis of PUBG teasing the debut date of Battlegrounds Mobile India via this poster will make little sense, yet many are buying it. One thing is certain: the post confirms that the game will be released soon.

While these are simply forecasts, the entire community seems to be optimistic about the release this time. Furthermore, for the first time in months, there is some official work on the release, including the rebranding of the game, the unveiling of an official logo, and more.

Pre-registration will be available for the game prior to its launch, which is expected to commence in the second half of May. Now, if everything goes according to plan, June 10th may be the day when everyone returns to their favorite battle royale game.

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