COD Mobile: Until Legendary Mace arrives in Season 3, a fan reports problems with Dark Nikto’s uniform.

Nikto – Dark Side, COD Mobile’s first-ever Legendary Operator, was added in November 2020. Now, rumors and leaks about another Legendary Blueprint character this season are circulating. Mace – Metal Phantom will be the second Legendary Operator added to COD Mobile Season 3: Tokyo Escape, according to sources.

While playing in-game, a Reddit user known as u/da7GR pointed out some issues with the Dark Nikto.
An eye glitch that began in MP mode and continued in BR mode was reported by the user. The eyes aren’t glowing and aren’t working properly. Any consumer who has invested a lot of COD Points to get the Legendary Operator would be disappointed.

The voice line bug was another problem brought up by the user in the same forum. Instead of saying its signature lines in a different accent, Dark Nikto talks about different lines. This, like the previous problem, is infuriating to every consumer.
Another issue was brought to the attention of developers by a Reddit user who pointed out that the Operator’s eyes, neck, and Death counter-clock were not functioning properly.

These bug reports have become very popular in COD Mobile, and they need to be taken seriously. Since these Legendary skins will cost more than $100, caution is advised. Any lucky draw involving these things will cost up to 5000 COD points on average.

Despite the fact that these Legendary Operators offer little tactical benefit to the players, they purchase them for personal enjoyment. With such expensive in-game properties, developers must address problems. Until another Legendary Operator appears in COD Mobile Season 3, Activision can patch these bugs.

COD Mobile Season 3: Tokyo Escape, the game’s latest update, has finally arrived, bringing with it a slew of new in-game products. Here’s an official COD mobile tweet:

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