Bad News PUBG Mobile India : From June 30th, Fans will not be able to play the Korean version.

Your days are numbered if you’ve been playing the Korean version of PUBG Mobile since the Indian government shut it down. From June 30 onwards, the game’s holding company, Krafton Inc, has announced that all global players will be unable to access the Korean edition of the game. “The KRJP build is a Korean and Japanese-specific version of the local service”. Those that may not live in the United States.

Users who are not in Korea or Japan, according to the post, will be unable to play the Korean edition of the game starting May 1. If they are able to log in in any way, it is possible that they are experiencing network issues. The changes will take effect for Indian users on June 30th, according to the post. Since the Indian government banned the game late last year, the business may have seen an unexpected increase in traffic to the Korean edition of the game.

Many Indian users have been using virtual private networks (VPNs) to access various PUBG Mobile servers since the ban, according to social media posts and other sources. Since the Korean version is one of the most popular, it would have been one of the most popular PUBG Mobile versions for many users.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that the company made no mention of how it plans to implement the ban. According to the Instagram update, users who downloaded the PUBG Mobile KR build of the game by downloading APKs would have trouble playing it. It makes no mention of VPN users.

Of course, Krafton does not have to do anything with VPN users in the first place, since multiplayer games are difficult to play over VPNs, unlike streaming services. In order to mask the original user’s location, VPN networks bounce a signal through several servers. However, this has an effect on the pace at which data moves, increasing latency, which can be a game-breaker when playing competitively.

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