Among Us update brings a new meeting screen, bug fixes, updated art and more

The famous video game Among Us has received a new update from InnerSloth. The art design has been updated, a new meeting screen has been introduced, as well as new colors, bug fixes, and enhancements. However, the update did not patch all identified vulnerabilities, and the company will continue to address them in future releases. Apart from that, the company added Airship, the fourth and largest map in Among Us, earlier this month.

Players will now change their chat in Settings and change their name in the Account menu thanks to the upgrade. Aside from that, it has added six additional colors to the player sprites.

The organization expects to expand the lobby to 15 players in the near future, and as a result, it has expanded the size of its meeting screen. The revised art design, which will influence both the front end and back end, is another new addition.

A patch for the “Pink Blobs” problem that was impacting some Android and Chromebook users, causing their crewmate sprites to appear as pink rectangles, was included in the general bug fixes. Other fixes include the inclusion of a backdrop to the Create Game screen on the airship map, security issues for smartphone and PC users during login, the re-adding of the ping meter, and minor text or font issues.

The developers have also patched a bug that allowed several users to log in to the same computer on the Nintendo Switch. is also supported as well.

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